Current Project

The second part of "Hamlet is Okay", another 50-page installment to the modern retelling of Shakespeare's most famous emo teen is set to release Winter 2019.

While he didn't expect it to be a cake walk in the first place, Cesario delves deeper into the challenges of befriending the Prince of Denmark, tangling now not only with Hamlet's turbulent emotional state, but with a certain Scot of suspicious motivations.



"Hamlet is Okay" is a comic I've been drawing again and again since I was fifteen, which has now become a serious, multi-part project. With a skeleton of Shakespearean references, the story centers around loss, coping, and finding a support system.

The first part is out now!

Current Project

People Going  Places, 
a mini-comic

People Going Places contains three short stories completed over the course of a Comic Book Fundamentals class at Michigan State University, "Monologuing", "The Last Ones", and "Too Much i' the Sun". The stories within are somewhat funny, somewhat sad, and are all an artist's first attempt at a full, published work.

Dust Bowl

A web-comic done in spare time as a way of experimenting with color, paneling and story structure, Dust Bowl tells the continuing story of Finn, a cellist in a dystopian town, as he remembers his past through the daughter he didn't know he had.

The project is currently on hiatus while preparing for the release of the second comic in the "Hamlet is Okay" series.

Illustration Work

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