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It's Comic Development Blog Time :^)

While it may be 12:38 am, that is not stopping me from having an absolutely mechanical workflow; so, to all of you likely reading this at a reasonable time, hello! I have found that I do a lot of good art at very early hours, and I have also found that it may be beneficial to catalog some of that work on the internet via blog post. Welcome to the first of that.

As you may or may not have seen from my homepage, I'm currently in the process of working on the third volume of my modern Shakespeare adaptation, Hamlet is Okay. This is the point of a five-part hill that the series is set out to be, and is scripted out to have a good bit of drama. This of course means that there is also a good bit of dialogue, and because this is also a comic, there must also be a good number of pictures to go along with it. Still, somehow I've managed to pare it down to another fifty-page installment of the series.

I try to get at least half of these fifty pages done during the summer, and while this summer has been somewhat hectic and slow, I'd say that I'm still on track. I've just finished the lettering for my 16th page this month, the final page of July, and I'm planning on finishing the final nine-to-ten pages of my summer half before the fall semester of my senior year at college starts. I don't know much about being a senior at college, but hopefully it's conducive to finishing another twenty-five pages of comic (they said, already feeling the weight of the universe beginning to loom over them).

In the normal hours of today, I will begin inking and finishing the page, but for now, it sits waiting, watching, on my desk. I've finally moved into a decent, semi-permanent and semi-spacious workspace, so it's a very aesthetic area for the page to idle, but it calls to me wickedly nonetheless.

The view is a bit more serene with the addition of this bonsai I bought at the Meijer when I grew frustrated with the seedlings my Grandma gave me in a kit for Christmas.

I'm thinking that this blog is also perhaps a good place to post sneak peaks at the pages, and that seems like a pretty exclusive deal, since they aren't likely to show up on my other social media, so be sure to stay tuned if you just can't wait for what this next issue of Hamlet has in store! Now, I think maybe...I should go to bed.

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